Shared objective is our path

Transport and Forwarding is our passion that drives us. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we propose to our clients the best and optimal solutions customised to their needs.

Who are we?

We are involved in logistics and supply chain management, with a particular focus on commitment and professionalism in client service. We are a Polish logistics operator with global capabilities. As a part of our comprehensive logistics service, we provide road transport. Among the companies served by us are regular and multi-product contracts with market leaders.
Our primary objective is to provide the highest quality services to clients in the area of advanced logistics projects and complex supply chain processes.

Every day brings new opportunities.

We are aware of what is of importance to you


When undertaking cooperation, we strive to carry out the commission quickly, on time and comprehensively while ensuring high standards of communication at every stage. We are committed to ensuring that the commission is performed as expected by our client in accordance with the contract.


These are the priorities in our daily work, each commission is of the utmost importance to us. We are focused on ensuring that the cargo arrives safely at its destination, and we choose the best possible solutions when completing the commission.


When you choose our company to handle your transport commission, you can be sure of an individual approach to the fulfilment of the commission, and we solve every issue here and now. We will help you in every situation.

Offer to client

Begin cooperating in transport and logistics with a resilient company in the TFL industry. We understand the needs and provide customised solutions for each client..
The young and resilient team will help with the most complex enquiries and have the support of professionals who accompany them every step of the way to ensure that client service is as professional and of the highest standard as possible.
Our clients are assured of individual forwarder support at every stage of the implementation of the service. You can count on us even at the most crucial moments.

Offer to carrier

You can become one of the partners of Oktopus Media – one of the most rapidly growing forwarding agencies in Poland.
We offer a cooperation in the area of domestic and international transport. We are trusted by a large number of carriers. Our portfolio currently includes more than 5,000 vehicles with a wide variety of body characteristics.
We are committed to a long-term cooperation on a partnership basis. We take care of the profitability of your business.